VNC® Mobile Solution

Integrated VNC remote control of mobile devices.

VNC Mobile Solution is aimed at developers of applications for mobile devices. VNC Mobile Solution enables businesses to integrate VNC-based remote control capabilities for mobile devices seamlessly into their existing applications and service offerings. Typical uses of remote control for mobile devices include:

VNC Mobile Solution supports a wide range of mobile devices such as handsets, rugged terminals and PDAs including Symbian, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, iPhone, Android and Linux platforms, with support for additional platforms to follow.

VNC Mobile Solution is available for OEM licensing. It is already being used by numerous blue-chip partners who have deployed with many end-users including major mobile operators.

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VNC Server SDK

Used to build a customized VNC Server that runs on the mobile device. The VNC Server application enables the device to be controlled remotely.

VNC Viewer SDK

Used to build a customized VNC Viewer that runs on a desktop or server. The VNC Viewer is used to control a mobile device remotely.

VNC Gateway

Used to manage remote control between the VNC Viewer and VNC Server on behalf of a parent management application.

RFB v4 protocol

VNC Mobile Solution is based on an extended version of the standard RFB v3 protocol providing enhanced performance, security and the ability to implement vendor-specific protocol extensions.

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