New to VNC®?

VNC remote access and control technology enables you to connect to and control a computer over a network such as the Internet. You can view the computer's desktop, run applications, change settings, access data, and use the keyboard and mouse exactly as you could do were you sitting in front of that computer.

To establish a VNC connection, two components are required: VNC Server for the computer you want to control, and VNC Viewer for the device you want to exercise control from. You run VNC Viewer, connect to VNC Server, authenticate, and take control. See a picture...

You can use VNC to provide help for family members or support for customers, connect in to the office on the move, collaborate with or demonstrate to other connected users, virtualize software or services, install software or administer remote systems, conduct automated tests, and much more.

Our products are designed to work out-of-the-box for most people, but you can configure almost any aspect to suit your environment and circumstances if you wish. Read the product documentation...

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